Avenham (The Way Out)

“The Way Out”  is a series of 15 routes from Avenham estate to the city centre, some of these routes are used by cars, buses and other traffic, others are alleyways and ginnels all these routes used by myself and others in the 70’s and 80’s are still passable. I have travelled these routes to town, School, Work, Leisure and access to the local and national travel infrastructures. Many of these streets and passageways include much visited shops, building sites, derelict buildings, and pubs, but others are just and have always been just through routes to other places.

They are in order, Mount street, Chapel street, Winkley street, Guildhall street, Cannon street, Glovers Court, Mein Sprit Weind, Old Cock Yard, Avenham Street, Turks Head Yard, Bolton’s Court, Stonegate, St John’s Place, Manchester Road and Grimshaw Street.